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Performance Based Navigation


Is an additional qualification what will be required for all IR-Pilot in the EASA-World and in the ICAO-World from August 2018 on.
We are certified with our ATO to offer this Training to all IR Pilots

PBN is a navigation specification is a set of aircraft and air-crew requirements needed to support a navigation application within a defined airspace concept.


The PBN concept assumes that future navigation will rely more and more on a robust RNAV capability leading to higher system integrity requirements, in particular as the aim is to remove VOR and NDB navigation aids which today can be used to cross check the performance of the RNAV system. To provide such integrity there needs to be a flag that indicates when the performance requirements needed in the airspace are not met.


PBN introduces two kinds of navigation specifications: RNAV and RNP. A fundamental element of RNP specifications is the requirement for on-board performance monitoring and alerting capability. This system alerts the pilot if navigation performance requirements are not being met.Ultimately, RNP applications becoming the norm.

Read more details… Published documentation of EuroControl

Details and Requirements

Theorical Training

Pre Entry Requirements

Theorical Training

Theoretical training

The theoretical knowledge course is provided as a single training event.
We offer a one day Theory-Training

One the end of the day there will be an In-House theory test.

Flight training

Flight training Syllabus

PBN operations including:

COURSE STRUCTURE Practical training

The instructor shall be guided in his/her decision by:


Theory Test

Theoretical Knowledge ExaminationThe theoretical course is completed by a written multiple-choice type test comprising 20 questions on PBN definitions, requirements and operations. The passing grade is 75%.

Flight Test

Skill Tests Only after successful completion of all training Flight Skill test with an IR-Examiner

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