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Ratings can be added to PPL and to CPL and ATPL licences.

Ratings are additional qualifications that entitle you to fly under special conditions and fly a different kind of Aircraft, which are not included in your basic Ratings of your Licence.

Ratings – as additional qualifications are

Ratings – as additional qualifications are

Our Flight Training Center Jerez (ATO), is entitled to provide all the above Ratings up to Citation 550

Performance Based Navigation

Multi-Engine Rating

Multi-Engine Instrumental Rating

Details and Requirements

To add a Rating to…

a PPL, CPL or ATPL licence, the licenses have to be valid.

If you add a Rating based on an other Rating, the basic Rating has to be valid on a current license.


See the every special rating


See the every special rating

We complete all the Rating for the following….

All can be done in Jerez with us…

We have all the aircraft, instructors and examiners based in Jerez to offer all the Ratings.

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