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License Training PPL

The training follows the rules of Part-FCL (EASA)

You will obtain a full European Private Pilot License, which is valid in all European Countries. 

With a European registered Aircraft you can fly anywhere in the entire world.

We offer your a high quality, intensive training, according to your needs and capabilities.

PPL training is individual training

We can organize your training to meet your personal requirements. You can do the entire training in one visit, or you can spread it over several visits.

Our highly qualified instructors

We will guide you through the entire training process from initial medical through to final Skill Test.

The flight training will be done in southern Spain, in stunning Andalusia. Jerez is the place in Europe with some of the best flying weather with very few days lost to bad weather every year. 1‐to‐1 flight training, and theory in small groups (limited to a maximum of 5 students)

We provide high‐quality flight training

To the latest EASA standards, professional, approachable, forward‐thinking staff International, multi‐cultural atmosphere ‐ our students come from all over the world.

95% of our students finish in the scheduled time with a 97% first time pass rate in the theoretical exams. We have very competitive prices – email us for details!

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Credits for holding other licences towards the PPL training

Applicants holding a pilot licence for another category of aircraft, with the exception of balloons, shall be credited with 10% of their total flight time as PIC on such aircraft up to a maximum of 10 hours.

For example holding a:




For the PPL you will need a medical class 2 (or class 1) You can complete the medical with us in Spain. It is required for the first solo flight.

Radio Telephony License

To fly an aircraft in Europe every pilot also has to have a Radio license (RT).

You can complete the RT license with us.

English Language Proficiency

We do all the training in English.

A good level of English is required before training commences.

Language Proficiency Check (LPC)

According to EASA & ICAO regulations, you have to hold an English language proficiency certificate.
The test can be completed with us via our approved Language Testing Body.

Training Authority

The PPL licence will be issued by an EASA authority, depending on where you decide to have your medical records held.  We recommend Austria and Malta they are English speaking and all paperwork is in English. We also can do your license under the UK CAA.

Upgrade from LAPL (EASA) to a full PPL (EASA)

Specific requirements for applicants holding an LAPL(A).

Applicants for a PPL (A) holding an LAPL(A) shall have completed at least 15 hours of flight time on aeroplanes after the issue of the LAPL (A), of which at least 10 shall be flight instruction completed in a training course at an ATO.

Required Training

To get the PPL you need to complete:

In an approved training organisation ATO

More requirements

Same requirements as for the normal PPL training

Theoretical training

The PPL theory training consists of 9 subjects:

The PPL theory course is designed to be mostly self study. You can study up to 90% of the theory before you leave home, using our Web‐Based Training Program Portal (WBT). If you prefer to learn from books, you can order a Training Kit from us.

Arriving in Jerez fully prepared for the written exams will put you at a huge advantage and allow you to make the most of your fast and intensive flight training!

According to EASA & UK CAA regulations, we must ensure that you do 100 hours of theoretical study in total ‐ we recommend that you use our WBT (Web-Based-Training), but using books is also fine. You will then do at least 10 hours of ground school with us in Jerez during your flight training with our qualified and experienced Ground Instructors.

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If you like we will help you to prepare yourself for the written exams!

If you like you also can do the theory training (or a part of it) with us in Jerez. Our instructors will help and teach you in 1:1 lessons.

We have a Ground Examiner on our staff in Jerez offering UK and EASA Exams.

Most people find the exams straightforward, but you have up to 3 attempts to pass each one, and you can repeat them whenever you like during your training. However, we recommend that you finish all the written exams early.

All the written theory exams (9 in total) are taken in our Flight School in Jerez for both UK and EASA.

More Details

WTB- Web Based Training

Our Web Based Training, is a professional Online Training Program.  When you book with us for PPL training you will get access to our Web based portal and can start your study immediately.

The following subjects will be prepared for you:

I have done my written test already in an other country of the EASA world:

If you have taken all your written exams already in one of the other EASA countries, we can accept them fully, and you can start right with the flight training.If you only have done some of the exams they will not be transferable.

Radio Telephony License

You will need to gain a Radio Telephony Licence in order to use radio equipment in the aircraft.  We provide full training and testing for this.


Books and training Kit

There are 2 major book lines on the market to prepare yourself for the written test. We offer a “Training Kit – PPL” this will include all the books for the 9 Subjects and the Question books, to prepare finally for the test. If you prefer to study with the online program we suggest at least to purchase the 9 Test books (the questions are very close to the real test…) See the details in our SHOP

Theory Training in English

We do all the theory training and tests in English so you should have a good level of English.

Theory training in your home country in your “Mother Language”…

There is possibility to do the training in your own language, if you are afraid to do everything in English. The local authorities in every country offer the theory training and the written exams. If you need to do this please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Language Proficency Test

Every Pilot has to have a EASA Language Proficiency Test (ELP) which we do in house through an approved EASA Language Assessment Body.

Theoretical Examinations

We do all the theoretical examinations in our school exam centre right here in Jerez. The written tests are valid for 24 months and must be completed within 18 months from sitting the first examination. In the 24 month period you have to complete your flight training and pass the skill test.


Consists of 45 hours of flight training,

The training follows the EASA/ UK CAA syllabus and is divided into 18 different lessons.There will be a Skill Test at the end of the training.

Flight training is fairly intensive and will normally comprise two training flights per day.


The skills you learn in the morning, you will build on in the afternoon and continue the following day.

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You will have a dedicated Flight Instructor

who will do the mayor part of the training and take care of you. We intend, that you will have only one instructor on the entire training, however occasionally a change may be unavoidable.

This is one of the most efficient and effective ways of training.

Students with average skills can do the entire flight training in around 4-5 weeks.

You can also divide your training into several visits


for example, two trips of around two weeks or four trips of around one week. If you live locally, we can make individual arrangements. In short, all our training is done on an one‐to‐one basis , tailored to your individual needs. Flexibility is our business!

Night VFR

This requires 5 hours of flight training at night , including 3 hours of dual training and 5 solo take‐offs and landings and 3 hours of ground school.

The NVFR will be added as a rating to your PPL licence.

Once you have completed your theory and flight training, passed passed the skill test, radio telephony test and language proficiency check, your training will be finished! You will receive all the necessary papers, application forms and documents to send to the competent Authority to apply for your licence.

More Details

Training hours undertaken before coming to us

We can recognise all training hours flown before coming to Fly-in-Spain, if they had been undertaken in an ATO acceptable to the authority issuing the licence, either UK CAA or EASA.

This hours will be credited to the the required training hours.

We will need the training records and the signed logbook from your flight school.

Prior training hours, done in any other country (ICAO)

training hours flown in any county outside of the EASA (European) countries and outside of any EASA-Certified school can not be recognised.  The same applies for UK CAA licence issue. However they will count towards total time after licence issue.

Training Aircraft

We offer the PPL training on several different Aircraft – see also below!

You can choose which aircraft you prefer to fly.
The costs are different, so please have a look at the offer for the PPL training.
A Fleet of 12 aircraft is waiting for you!

Do I need a Visa?

No visa is required for EU residents and citizens. For those coming from outside the EU, check with your local Spanish Embassy ‐ we recommend doing this as soon as possible, as getting a visa can be time‐consuming! We will support your application by supplying the necessary training and accommodation contract. UK students do not require a Visa under the 90/180 allowance.

What to bring along…?

You will receive with the booking a so called”Pilot Briefing” where you will receive all the important details to bring along. But basically you should have your own flight gear which we can provide from our shop:

If you purchase the PPL-KIT form us than you will have the mayor things you will need for the training.
Bring your own laptop or tablet computer to access to the internet and for storing training programs! Wi‐Fi will be provided by us.


We recommend booking as far ahead as possible, and at least 4‐8 weeks in advance, to ensure your preferred start date.


Please have a look at the “accommodation” page on our website.

Training cost for the PPL

The total cost of the PPL, is based on the minimum 45 hours of required flight training,  and price will depend on which Aircraft you wish use and the total final time will depend on your personal skill development rate,. Please send us an e.mail and we will send you a detailed offer.

Send us your request

One of our professionals will contact you to provide you with all the information and the best option for you.


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