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Private Pilot License Conversion

PPL Conversion

All PPL licenses can be converted to an EASA – PPL.
There are several requirements you have to fulfil.  You need to hold 100hrs total time as a pilot on an ICAO licence in order to convert.  If you don’t meet this requirement, don’t panic as we have training packages to get you the required level!

The Conversion training consists of two parts:

Theorical Training

Theoretical training

You can prepare yourself for the two written exams

If you need to do the RT

the preparation for the theoretical exams can be completed at home via distance learning but the RT theory will require training in the school in preparation for the test which is undertaken in our simulator.

Flight training

Flight training

there are no required number of flight training hours if you meet the required 100 hours total time.
But you have to be ready to fly the EASA- PPL skill test.

Depending on your experience and skill you my need 1/2 or more training hours in preparation…

Details and Requirements

The entire training will be in our Training Centre at Jerez Airport, both flight training and studying in English.

Your ICAO license

Medical Class 2

To get an EASA-PPL (A) license you need to have a Class 2 Medical.
You can do the medical with us, or beforehand in the UK.
Don’t do a medical in an other country in Europe.

Language proficiency check (LPC)

All EASA – Pilots have to have at least a Level 4 of the ICAO language grading.
You can do the LPC with us. 

Is there a minimum flight experience required?

A minimum of 100 hrs flight time is required
This time includes your training hours.
They have to be logged in your log book.
If you have less than 100 hours, you have to build up these hours, otherwise there will be no conversion, you have to do the full theory and practical training.

RT license

To fly in Europe you need to have a Radio Telephony (RT) licence.
If you don’t have a EASA-RT license you can do it with us.

Send us your request

One of our professionals will contact you to provide you with all the information and the best option for your licence conversion.


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