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Comercial Pilot License Conversion

CPL Conversion

All ICAO CPL licenses can be converted to an EASA – CPL.
There are several requirements you have to fulfil to do so.

The Conversion training consist of two parts

Theorical Training

Theoretical training

You need to do either the CPL Theoretical Exams consisting of 9 exams or the 13 ATPL exams which also covers the Instrument Rating and are required if you wish to work in a multi crew environment such as an airline.

The theory study can be undertaken with either our residential training course or with our distance learning course. 

If you would like to convert your CPL license with an Instrument Rating

We suggest you do the ATPL theory course, because this includes CPL and IR theory, and will give you the “frozen ATPL” credit.

Please look at our CPL & ATPL Courses page for more information.

Flight training

Flight training

Conversion of an ICAO CPL to EASA requires mandatory training.  
The required number of hours of flight training for CPL depends on:

At the end of your training there will be licence skill test.

All training will be done in our school in Jerez.

We have in-house flight examiners for the flight test.

Details and Requirements

The entire training will be in our Training Centre at Jerez Airport, both flight training and studying in English.

Your ICAO license

Medical Class 1

To get an EASA-CPL (A) license you need to have a Class 1 Medical.
You can do the medical with us, or beforehand in the UK.
Don’t do a medical in an other country in Europe.

Language proficiency check (LPC)

All EASA – Pilots have to have at least a Level 4 of the ICAO language grading.
You can do the LPC with us. 

License Issue

Your EASA – CPL will be issued by the country holding your medicals records which you can choose.  We however recommend Austria and Malta as both are fully English speaking with all paperwork in English and offer excellent service.

If doing a UK CAA CPL you will need a UK Class 1 medical.

You will need the following minimum flight experience…

The CPL flight training with the UK & EASA consists of 25 hours of training. If you have less than 185 hours you will need to complete the full training hours.  If more than 185 hours then the mandatory training hours reduce with the credits shown below: 

The minimum hours flown will be 7 hours given the maximum credit of 18 hours.


RT license

To fly in Europe you need to have a Radio Telephony (RT) licence.
We do all training and testing for the EASA RT Licence in house.

Send us your request

One of our professionals will contact you to provide you with all the information and the best option for your licence conversion.


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