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The Commercial Pilot Licence

The CPL entitles the pilot to fly for hire and reward.
This licence is also the stepping-stone towards working in a multi-crew environment such as an airline. 
There are two stages to obtaining this licence, Ground School and Flight Training.

Groundschool can be undertaken via two routes:

We can offer both.
For details… Groundschool Training

It is important to understand

the CPL is the basic licence, which can be expanded with the addition of ratings such as:

For Students wishing to become an airline pilot we recommend they complete the ATPL Groundschool, as this also includes the CPL and IR theory exams.

For students only requiring a CPL, with no intention of becoming an airline pilot (e.g. for Crop Spraying, Parachute-dropping, Instruction etc.), the CPL Groundschool is more appropriate, but it does limit you to single-pilot operations.

Here at Fly-In-Spain we offer Groundschool and Flight training
in a combined modular course.
This leads to more consistent, integrated and efficient training.

CPL Flight Training

The Commercial Pilot licence can be done on a SEP (Single Engine Piston) or on a MEP Multi Engine Piston Aircraft.

The total training flight time is 25 hrs.

If you already hold an Instrument Rating, the requirement is reduced to 15 hrs.
Contact us for more details.

Details and Requirements

Start the CPL


For the CPL you will need a medical Class 1

PPL Licence

To start the CPL training you will need:
PPL from any country of the ICAO or EASA

Prior Expericence required to start

Licence issue CPL

The issue of the CPL licence

Additional ratings you can add to the CPL

This requires different theory and practical flight training.

Validity of the CPL

The EASA – CPL is valid for life time
What you have to renew are the ratings added to your CPL that will allow to exercise your privileges.

Theory Training

Distance Learning Program

Is the same as the ATPL distance learning program
only one subject less
…go and have a look in the Part  “Theory Training

CPL residential Theory Training

This is the same Theory-Training-Structure as in the ATPL- Semi Integrated Training just a subject less…go and have a look in the Part “Theory Training

Flight Training

CPL Flight Training

This consists of 10 hours basic Instrument training
which can be completed on the Simulator and in the Aircraft

This involves 10 hours on a SEP-Aircraft
and 5 hours on a Complex Aircraft (Variable Pitch Prop and rectable undercarriage).
Finish with a CPL skill test.

Alternatively the 5 hours complex can also be done on a Multi-Engine Aircraft. Then the Skill test has to be done on the ME-Aircraft. To do the 5 hours on ME-Aircraft, you have to do the ME-VFR rating before (or this will be additional 6 hours of flight training on ME and 8 hours of theory)

Send us your request

One of our professionals will contact you to provide you with all the information and the best option for you.


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