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Simulator Training

Our new Alsim AL 250 has a full EFIS cockpit, but we can also change to an Analog cockpit – if required. Both are for SEP and for MEP-Training.

PNB – performance based navigation the AL250 is fully approved for all PBN approaches . Our ATO – also has the full PBN- approval – so all Pilots now can do there required upgrade training for the IR with the PBN!

FNPT II for Single Engine and for ME-Engine (Seneca) training.

The SIM will give you the full credit for the IR-Training up to 35h.

It will be also used for ME and ME-IR training.

We also conduct the annual IR-Revalidation Tests on the SIM.

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One of our professionals will contact you to provide you with all the information and the best option for your licence conversion.


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