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CPL Theory

Distance Learning CPL

We offer on of the best Distance learning Programs on the Market.
The Web Based Training (WTB) comes form an UK provider!

All written Test´s are will be done in our own test Center in our Training-Center in Jerez – when ever you are ready!

For the CPL training, the entire training is separated in 3 blocks




After every Block of self-study you will have one week of ground school and directly after this you go to the for the written exams for this BLOCK.

Finishing the first Block, you continue with the next… until you are finished.

But basically we suggest you, to do the ATPL theory because this will cover also the IR part and you don´t have to do this later in an new theory training. The ATPL is only one more subject!

Offline module is included

And there is an full Ipad version included

With the offline database you make your training independent of every subject!

With the booking you will get the access code for the app.

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More Details

The Ground School

You can do it in house or online, we are flexible in dates and will adapt to your availability.

Written Test – where to do + Dates for Jerez

You can do all the written exams with us in Jerez Every Tuesday and Thursday under Malta CAA It is also possible to do it under Austro Control

First thing when starting with the training

Please have a close look to the “information part” of the WBT and see all the explanations and time schedules for ground school and authority test.

How to book ?

Just send us an E-Mail and we will forward you the order form and the pricing details.

The entire training has to be paid up front. After we have received your order and your payment we can activate you training account in one day.

Credits for prior Training or ICAO licences

If you hold an ICAO- ATP (ATPL) full licence.

You will be credited to the ground school.

You only need to prepare yourself with the WBT program for the written exams and pass the internal pre-exams, than we can write you off for the written exams.

If you are holding any ICAO – ATP (ATPL) theory exams only and no ATP licence, this will not give you any credit – you have to do the entire full training with all exams.

Residential Training CPL

CPL – Theory

is basically the same training as the ATPLs, it is just one subject less.

have a look at the ATPL part.

To make the theory training a bit more alive and interesting:

You can do complete Time-Building of up to 5 hours per week! This will allow you to gradually built your pilot abilities and your experience as Pilot in Command (PIC) and will get you towards the required hours to start the flight training part.

When all the written exams of the CPL theory are passed you continue with the Flying-Training for CPL.

Requirements for the Theory Training

Personal Background

To be prepared for the intensive Theory training you need

Bringing these manners along will give your a good possibility to finish the study successfully!

What to bring along?

You will need your personal study equipment

Your personal things, to feel yourself comfortable. We don’t use uniforms, but we expect a correct dressing during the training.

We will provide you

With the training environment in Jerez in our Training Center. we will have available for you

And a lot more…


Part 2 – CPL Theory

Schedule for the Part 1

schedule for part 1

Part 3 – CPL Theory second part

Schedule for the Part 1

schedule for part 1 CPL 3

Send us your request

One of our professionals will contact you to provide you with all the information and the best option for your licence conversion.


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