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Residential Training ATPL

The entire training will be in our Training Centre at Jerez Airport, both flight training and studying in English.

The duration is 9 Months

This is an intensive high quality training - to get you into the Cockpit on a fast track!

In the end you will have frozen-ATPL with CPL‐ME‐IRand 200 h of flight time on aircraft and 35 h simulator time.

The Semi‐Integrated is the perfect structure for optimal training; it benefits from the Modular System with the Integrated Training Program.

The students will need to work hard, undergoing intensive training and being dedicated to be the best pilots.

Saving Time and Money.

Accelerated Training from Zero to ATPL in 9 months!

Our Aim:


All theoretical studies:

Are based on classroom teaching in the morning and self-study in the afternoon, with daily and weekly progress tests.

We divide the theory into three parts:

This training mix is the most effective pedagogic system. It offers the best results on the time and effort spent by you. You will receive about 200 hours of lessons and do another 450 hours of self-study and progress tests to cover all the subjects of the ATPL syllabus.

9 months – for the Theory and the entire Flight Training

We know it is a demanding program, but our students will benefit 100% on the intensive training, the comprehensive structure and the high quality of the training.

Simply the best that you can get!

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