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Our fleet

Our fleet

Training Aircraft

The best Aircrafts and Simulators for your training

We provide a large Fleet of Aircraft for the different types of Training.
The different types of Aircraft will give our clients the possibility to experience them in flight.

Our fleet contain:

Cesnna 150

Cessna 150

Cessna 152

Cessna 152

Cessna 172

Cessna 172

Piper PA 28 – 180

Piper PA 28-200 RG

Arrow (complex)

Piper PA 34


All our Aircraft’s are well maintained and in best condition.

The different types are:

We are continually improving and renewing our fleet.


Maintaining a large fleet like this will ensure, that you will always have a training aircraft available, even if some of them are in maintenance.

Simulator Training

Our new Alsim AL 250 has a full EFIS cockpit, but we can also change to an Analog cockpit – if required. Both are for SEP and for MEP-Training.


PNB – performance based navigation the AL250 is fully approved for all PBN approaches . Our ATO – also has the full PBN- approval – so all Pilots now can do their required upgrade training for the IR with the PBN!


FNPT II for Single Engine and for ME-Engine (Seneca) training.
The SIM will give you the full credit for the IR-Training up to 35h.


It will be also used for ME and ME-IR training.
We also conduct the annual IR-Revalidation Tests on the SIM.

FIS ATO Europe ha recibido
una ayuda de la Unión Europea con cargo al Fondo Europeo Agrícola de Desarrollo Rural, cofinanciada por la Consejería de Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Desarrollo Sostenible de la Junta de Andalucía, a través del GDR Campiña de Jerez y Costa Noroeste de Cádiz para la adquisición del simulador de vuelo que tiene por objetivo reducir el impacto medioambiental minimizando las horas de vuelo en el avión para los cursos de piloto y promover el desarrollo local en las zonas Rurales.

Adquisición Simulador de vuelo

Promover el desarrollo local en las zonas rurales (LEADER)
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AC Equipment

For VFR-Training

All VFR – Aircrafts are equipped with

For IR-Training

All IR – Aircrafts are equipped with Garmin-Glass-Cockpit or/and

What to bring along to fly…

Personal Flight Equipment

Please bring along your

if you don’t have an headset, you can buy one with us, or rent for 25.-€ / week


if you want to download the Spanish Approach Charts before coming in just go to the –> Spanish AIP
isolated_realistic_matte_grey_single_engine_light_airplane_from_left_front_view 2 (1)

C 172 – IR + CPL Trainer

Garmin G 500

Garmin 430

PA 34 – Seneca, PA 28- 200 RG, PA 28-180

PA 28-180

The perfect low wing training for PPL and CPL


PA 28- 200RG
Complex trainer with variable pitch prop and retractable undercarriage


PA 34 – Seneca
The perfect trainer for Multi Engine flying. A real complex and heavy and powerful aircraft fully equipped, Radar, Deicing, GNS 540 ….



C 172
4-seater Cessna
The basic trainer for PPL and CPLand IR training



C 152
2-seater Cessna
PPL training Aircraft
Easy to fly and very reasonable priced

isolated_realistic_matte_white_retro_model_vintage_propeller_airplane_from_left_front_view 1 (1)


C 150
2-seater Cessna
The Best Time- Builder Aircraft
Easy to fly and very reasonable priced

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One of our professionals will contact you to provide you with all the information and the best option for your licence conversion.


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