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Fly where the sun shines

Experience the magic of the south: Learn to fly in Andalusia, where the sky meets the sea.


We offer all Theory Training for all Licenses and Conversion as Inhouse-Residential Training and Online Training


All written Test – Inhouse in our Test-Center in our Flying-School in Jerez are Fully EASA approved


All our Flight exams, will be done with our Inhouse Flight Examiners

Private and Commercial Training

The entire training will be in our Training Centre at Jerez Airport, both flight training and studying in English.

EASA Ratings + Renwals

Elevate your aviation career with our comprehensive EASA ratings and renewals services, ensuring your skills are finely tuned for the ever-changing skies. 

Build your skills up - step by step

Our Team

Our Team

Over the last 10 years a strong and efficient team had been growing to manage the Jerez Flight Academy.

The connection of high qualification, discipline and team spirit gives us the possibility to offer you a high qualified Training and a bespoke personal attendance.


The best Aircrafts and Simulators for your training

We provide a large fleet of Aircraft for the different types of training.
The different types of aircraft will give our clients the possibility to experience them in flight.