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Private Pilot Training


PPL Theory Training

The PPL theory training consist of 9 subjects:

  • Aircraft General Knowledge 
  • Flight Performance
  • Planning Navigation 
  • Operational Procedures 
  • Principals of Flight 
  • Air Law Human Performance 
  • Meteorology 
  • Communications

The PPL theory course is designed to be mostly self study. 
You can study up to 90% (or even 100% ) of the theory before you leave home, using our Web‐Based Training Program (WBT). 
If you prefer to learn from books, you can order a Training Kit from us.

Arriving in Jerez fully prepared for the written exams will put you at a huge advantage and allow you to o make the most of your fast and intensive flight training!

According to the new EASA regulations, we must ensure that you do 100 hours of theoretical study in total ‐ we recommend that you use our WBT (Web-Based-Training), using books is also fine. 
You will then do at least 10 hours of ground school with us in Jerez during your flight training.

If you like we will help you to prepare yourself for the written exams!

If you like you also can do the theory training (or a part of it) with us in Jerez. Our instructors will help and teach you if you like in 1:1 lessons.

 We have the Ground Examiner on our staff in Jerez.
Most people find the exams straightforward, but you have up to 3 attempts to pass each one, and you can repeat them whenever you like during your training. However, we recommend that you finish all the written exams early.

All the written theory exams (9 in total) are taken in our Flight School in Jerez.

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WTB- Web Based Training

Our Web Based Training, is a professional Online Training Program.What we us up to the Airline Pilot Training.When you book with us the PPL training you will get automatically the access to PPL part of the Online Program.

The following subjects will be prepared for you:

  • Aircraft General Knowledge 
  • Flight Performance
  • Planning Navigation 
  • Operational Procedures 
  • Principals of Flight 
  • Air Law Human Performance 
  • Meteorology 
  • Communications

Books and "Training Kit"

There are 2 mayor book lines on the marked to prepare yourself for the written test.

We offer a "Training Kit - PPL" this will include all the books for the 9 Subjects and the Question books, to prepare finally for the test.

If you prefer to study whit the online program we suggest at least to purchase the 9 Test books (the question are very closed to the test...)

-> see the details in our SHOP ---->go to the SHOP

Theory Training in English

We do all the theory training and tests in English.

You should have a good level of English.

Written Test

We do all the written test in our school in Jerez.

you can repeat every test up to 3 times.

the written test are valid up to 18 month. In this time you have to do your flight training and pass the skill test.

I have done my written test already in an other country of the EASA world

If you have done all your written exams already in one of the other EASA countries, we can accept them fully, and you can start right with the flight training.

If you only have done some of the exams, that will not be transferable.

Theory training in your home country in your "Mother Language"...

This is a good possibility to do the training in your own language, if you are afraid to do everything in English. 
The local authorities in every country offer the theory training and the written exams.

In case, ask us before, to organize this in the correct way!

RT - Radio Telefony licence

If you hold any English RT licence from and EASA country - this will be valid - no further action required.

If you don't have one, you have to do this with the PPL training.

You can do the RT licence with us in Jerez.

The advantage of the RT (CAA-UK) is, that this will be the full Radio licence, and later on if you may upgrade to IR (instrument rating) this licence will also be valid.

Language Proficency Test

Every Pilot have to have a EASA Language Proficiency Test (LPT).

IF you do the training with us in Jerez, and the CAA-UK will issue your licence, you have to have English level 4 (5 or 6).

The test (LPT) can be done with us in Jerez.

Please be aware, if you do the test  in an other country of the EASA, it  has to be a EASA recognized school. There are only few - in case contact us before!

Native English speaker, can do the LPT together with the flight skill test, they don't have to do an additional test!

EASA flight training Academy

ATPL residential

on-going training - just join in!

We are certified by:


We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country