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Private Pilot Training


LAPL Flight Training

The PPL flight training 

consists of 45 hours of flight training,

  • 35 hours of dual training
  • 10 hours of solo flying (supervised by your instructor)

The training follows the EASA syllabus and is divided into 18 different lessons.
There will be a Skill Test at the end of the training.

Flight training is fairly intensive
and will normally comprise two training flights per day.
The skills you learn in the morning, you will build on in the afternoon and continue the following day.

You will have a dedicated Flight Instructor
how will do the mayor part of the training and take care of you. (we intend, that you have only one instructor on the entire training...) 
It is a real 1 to 1 training!

This is one of the most efficient and effective ways of training. Students with average skills can do the entire flight training in four weeks or less.

You can also divide your training into several visits ‐ for example, two trips of two weeks or four trips of one week. If you live locally, we can make individual arrangements.
In short, all our training is done on an one‐to‐one basis , tailored to your individual needs.

The Night Rating (NVFR) 
can be included in your PPL training. This requires 5 hours of flight training at night , including 4 hours of dual training and 5 solo take‐offs and landings.

It can either be included in the 45 hours of training for the PPL, or added on at the end, depending on the student – your instructor will advise you further.
The NVFR will be added as a rating to your PPL licence.

Once you have completed your theory and flight training,
passed the skill test, radio telephony test and language proficiency check, your training will be finished! You will receive all the necessary papers, application forms and documents to send to the CAA to apply for your licence.
It can take 2‐4 weeks before you receive your PPL.

more details...

Training hours - done before coming to us

We can recognize all training hours done before coming to Fly-in-Spain, if they had been done in a flying school in the EASA world.

This hours will be credited to the the required training hours.

We will need the training records and the signed logbook form your instructor.

Prior training hours, done in any other country (ICAO)

training hours done in any county outside of the EASA (European) countries and outside of any EASA-Certified school can not be recogniced.

Training Aircrafts

We do the PPL training on different Aircraft's - see also below!

  • PS 28 - Cruiser
  • Cessna 172
  • Piper PA 28

You can choose what you will prefer to fly.

The cost are different, please have a look at the offer for the PPL training.

A Fleet of 12 aircraft is waiting for you.

What to bring along...?

you will receive with the booking a so called"Pilot Briefing" where you will receive all the important details to bring along.

But basically you should have your own flight gear:

  • Heaed set
  • Knieboard... and so on
  • all documentens, if you have done any prior training
  • passport

If you purchase the PPL-KIT form us than you will have the mayor things you will need for the training.

Bring your own laptop or tablet computer to access to the internet and for storing training programs! Wi‐Fi will be provided by us.


Please tell us when you like to come in and what Aircarft you like to fly...

  • Than we will check the availability for your desired dates.
  • Than we will send you a booking from
  • When we have your signed booking form and your down payment for the training we will confirm your booking.

We recommend booking as far ahead as possible, and at least 4‐8 weeks in advance, to ensure your preferred start date.


Please have a look at the "accommodation" part on our web

or just go to the link. --->accommodation

Do I need a VISA?

No visa is required for EU residents and citizens. For those coming from outside the EU, check with your local Spanish Embassy ‐ we recommend doing this as soon as possible, as getting a visa can be time‐consuming! We will support your application by supplying the necessary training and accommodation contract.

Training Cost for the PPL

Training costs for the PPL 

The total cost of the PPL, based on the 45 h of required flight training, will be form 9260.‐€ to 10.850€ Depending on which Aircraft your will use and on your skills.  
Please send us an e.mail and we will send your a details offer.

Training Aircraf´s

C 172
EASA flight training Academy

ATPL residential

on-going training - just join in!

We are certified by:


We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country