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ATPL - Modular Flight Training

Airline Pilot Training


ATPL-Modular Training - General

What does "modular" this mean?

The Modular training for the CPL‐ME‐IR with frozen ATPL is a step by step training for your licenses form zero to ATPL or what level you will go for.

It will gives the student the possibility to organize their training according to personal circumstances, financially, time wise, etc.

Even one part of the training can be split in several parts.

The second important difference to the integrated training is, that the student can do his ATPL theory training with a distance learning program from his home.
There is only a small part of attendance training required.

There is one restriction, the ATPL theory will only be valid for 36 month in this time you have to do your CPL and IR training.

At the end of the training there will be the same licence as you would have done all in an integrated training – it will be a CPL‐ME‐IR licence with a frozen ATPL credit.

You can do entire training with us.
If you have done any part of the training prior arriving to us in any EASA school, we can take over this and continue from where you finished.

There is also the possibility that you come to us during one of the training steps.

Structure of the Training

The entire ATPL Modular training consists of the following Modules:

1. PPL training

This is the initial training from zero on.

The first part will be the PPL theory, what consist of 9 theoretical subjects and the flight training.

Having passed the 9 written exams and the final Skill test after the flight training you will be issued with a PPL.

2. Part  ATPL theory

This can be done with our 

  • Residential training program in Jerez

Or it can be done with our 

  • WEB based Distance Learning Program

details see -> Theory training.

3. Time Building and Night Rating

Parallel to your ATPL studies we recommend completing the time building. 

Time building is to get experience as a Pilot in Command (PIC). You will need:

  • 50 hrs cross country PIC experience to start the IR‐ Training
  • 70 hrs PIC to start the Multi‐Engine Training
  • 100 hrs PIC to start the CPL training 

We are offering packages of 25 and 50 hrs for our students with special conditions. Including accommodation and support of our team in Jerez.

The Night Rating   (VFR) we can do parallel to your theory training or also on the end of the PPL training 3. ME-Training VFR This will enable you to fly ME- Aircraft's under visual conditions 

4. IR‐ Training (Instrumental Rating)   This will be the first part of the advanced flight training, when you have finished the ATPL theory. This will enable your to fly Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft under Instrument Meteorological Conditions. (IMC) 

 5. ME- IR (upgrade to Mulit Engine Instrument flying)  In this part we will combine the IR-Experience and the ME flying to make you ready to fly ME- Aircraft in IMC conditions. 

 6. CPL (Commercial Pilot Training)  the last part of the the entire Training will be the CPL Training. This consists of a precise general training flying Aircraft as SEP and Complex Aircraft.  

When you finished the CPL training you have done all and you will receive an CPL-ME-IR licence with a frozen ATPL (Credit) the same as the Integrated training.

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