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Theory Training

IR - Rating


CB-IR distance learning

Competence based IR- Theory training

The Theory Program of the IR-CB is reduced by about 40-50% of the normal IR (A) theory training.

Mainly all the Airline related contend and the HPA (High Performance Aircraft) part is removed.

This will give a lot of Private Pilots and CPL pilots a much better possibility to become IR rated

The subjects are the same as in IR-A  (but reduced)

  •  Air Law & ATC Procedures 
  • Meteorology
  • IFR Communications
  • Navigation
  • Human Performance
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Planning

We are offering: IR-CB - Distance Learning Program   (CBT)

This is a fully web based training, including a Ipad - off line version.

There is also included the entire question bank for the written tests, as well pre-test for all subjects.

  • CBT - Cost: 850.-€

Additionally to the distance learning program you will need

  • 1 day of theoretical class room training.

We will provide this in Jerez

  • CBT including 1 day ground school in Jerez: 1050.-€

After the ground school, you will go directly to the written exams

  • All the written exams you can do with us in Jerez
    (also in the UK if you like)

Written Test - dates: 2015 - see hear

Books for the IR-CB theory

the full set of books  for the IR will be 380.-€*
You can order the book individually, according your need. just send us an e-mail.  
*depending on exchange rate to GBP, and transport will be additional

The rest is like the full IR theory training

Please have a look at the full IR-Theory-Training for the all the other information.

CB-IR residential Theory Training

We also offer residential Theory Training for the IR-CB

This will be a 2 week residential course in our Training Centre in Jerez

with a total 70 h classroom training.

but this require also some self study to pass all the required subjects

according our training syllabus this will require a minimum of 82 h

what you can do in preparation before coming in to us.

Written Test

When you have finished your residential training, you can directoy go to the written exams

you can do all written exams in Jerez

Written Test - dates: 2015 - see hear

For the next IR-CB courses just check with us and send us an e-mail

EASA flight training Academy

ATPL residential course  - you can join in! -  every 2 week new block...

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We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country