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ATPL mod
ATPL mod

Theory Training

for CPL


CPL Distance Learning

We offer on of the best Distance learning Programs on the Market.

The Web Based Training (WTB) comes form an UK provider!

For the CPL training, the entire training is separated in 3 blocks

1. Block

  • Human Performance & Limitations 
  • Air Law & ATC Procedures 
  • Operational Procedures 
  • VFR Communications 

2. Block

  • Principles of Flight 
  • Performance 
  • Flight Planning 
  • General Navigation 
  • Mass & Balance

 3. Block

  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  •  Instrumentation 
  • Radio Navigation

After every Block you will have one week of ground school in the UK

and directly after this you go to Gathwick for the written exams for this BLOCK.

Finishing the first Block, you continue with the next... until you are finished.

But basically we suggest you, to do the ATPL theory because this will cover also the IR part and you need not do this later in an new theory training. The ATPL is only one subject more!

IPAD and Iphone offline module is included

And there is an full Ipad version included 

With the offline database you make your training independent of every red!

You will get with the booking the access code for the app.

ATPL theory

More details...

Special offer form FIS

Booking with us the Online Training Program there will be included:

  • a full Ipad and Iphone offline App - so you can study where ever you like
  • and if you do the CPL flight training afterwords with us, we will credit you 200€ to the CPL training!
    You will get the voucher with the booking.

The Ground School

Will be in Luton - UK or in Gathwick - UK

The guys in the UK will help you with accommodation, and in the Web site you will find under INFO all the important things...

Written Test - where to do + Dates for Jerez

You can do all the written exams with us in Jerez

(alternatively also in the UK)

Written Test - dates: 2015 - click

How to get signed off for the written exams and how to book them?

Always when you have finished one of the block, passed all the pre-exams in the WBT than you write us an mail that you are ready and there is an application form form the CAA-Uk, you will in your details and we will sign this of, so that you will be accepted for the written test.
Please always do the coordination of the ground school and the written test at least 6 weeks ahead and have a look at the "closing dates" of the CAA for the inscription for the exams - the actual dates you will find also in the Information part of the WBT. 

First thing when starting with the training

Please have a close look to the "information part" of the WBT and see all the explanations and time schedules for ground school and CAA test.

How to book ?

Just send us an E-Mail and we will forward you the order form and the pricing details.

The entire training has to be paid up front.
After we have received your order and your payment (by Credit card or bank transfer) we can activate you training account in one day.

Credits for prior Training or ICAO licences

If you hold an ICAO- ATP (ATPL) full licence

You will be credited to the ground school.

You only need to prepare yourself with the WBT program for the written exams and pass the internal pre-exams, than we can write you off for the written exams.

If you are holding any ICAO  - ATP (ATPL) theory exams only and no ATP licence, this will not give you any credit - you have to do the entire full training with all exams. 

EASA flight training Academy

ATPL residential course  - you can join in! -  every 2 week new block...

We are certified by:


We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country