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Theory Training

for ATPL


Residential ATPL training

We offer you an  on-going ATPL theory training.... all over the year in our International Training Centre Jerez.

You can join in when every you like! 


ATPL - Theory
20 weeks - intensive Training 

This is the best and shortest way to get the ATPL-Theory
with residential training and guided by our Instructors...

Our professional instructors will explain you all the important parts of the ATPL theory and they will point you to the essential details and to the major parts what will be required in the written tests.

We are working only in small groups max up to 10 students, so you can expect nearly a 1:1 training, and all you questions will be welcome and will be directly answered...

The Training is divided in several parts:

In the morning you will have lessons from an instructor and in the afternoon you will do self study and pass progression tests under supervision of our instructors! 

The entire training is divided in several blocks.
On the end of every block will be an intensive exam preparation and than you will have your written exams of this block. 

All exams will be done with us in Jerez.

The entire Theory Training will take about 20 weeks. 

To make the theory training a bit more alive and interesting: 
 you can do some Time-Building up to  5 hours per week! This will allow you to gradually built your pilot abilities and your experience as Pilot in Command (PIC) and will get you towards the required hours to start the flight training part!  - in case you will need this!

When all the written exams of the ATPL theory are passed you continue with the Flying-Training for CPL-ME-IR.

Typical training program  - rotating all over the year with the 14 subjects.. of the ATPL theory


Requirements for the Theory Training

Personal Background

To be prepared for the intensive Theory training you need 

  • a good level of English (5-6 ICAO)
  • Bachelor level is recommended, but at least a university entry certificate. If you don't hold this we have to do an pre entry test with you, especially in the area mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • good means of concentration
  • high level of self discipline
  • highly motivation

Bringing this manners along will give your a good possibility to finish the study successfully!

What to bring along

You will need your personal study equipment


  • a laptop or tablet computer
  •  your personal flight gear

Your personal things, to feel yourself comfortable.
We don't use uniforms, but we expect a correct dressing during the training.

We will provide you

With the training environment in Jerez in our Training Center.

we will have available for you

  • WIFI access all day
  • Access to the WBT (Web Based Training) program to study 
  • all necessary study equipment to explain you the theory
  • several possibilities of accommodation will be offered to you.

and a lot more...!

Where to stay?

We can offer you for the period of the 20 weeks several possibilities

  • you can stay in a room of one of our apartments
  • you can rent an apartment by yourself in Jerez,
    we will help you to find the right one..
  • or you stay in a hotel - we have several hotels with company rates


Our Training Centre is located on the Jerez Airport.

form Jerez to the Airport you will have Bus and Train connection

and most time over the year there are very good rates for rental cars...

Booking and Cost

Please send us in e-mail and we will provide with your personal offer.

When you have decided to do the training with us, we will send you a booking for the enrollment.


ATPL Theory

Basically we divide the theoretical training of the 14 exams several Blocks.

Every time when you are finished a block you will have the possibility to go for the  written exams.

Written Test

We are offering all written test in Jerez - Spain

we have an International-Test-Centre form the CAA-UK in Jerez

there are monthly test available!

EASA flight training Academy

ATPL residential course  - you can join in! -  every 2 week new block...

We are certified by:


We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country