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Theory Training

for PPL, CPL and ATPL


Theory Training

We offering 2 ways for the theory training.

The first is residential training

Residential training will be classroom training with us in Jerez at our Training Academy.

We have different programs for PPL, CPL, ATPL and IR.

What is the advantage for the residential training?

  • You will be fully guided through the entire training by our Ground School Instructors. You will get lessons to every subject
    you will get corrections for all the pre tests with explanations from our instructors
  • and you will save quite a lot of time, because we do this in an accelerated training program. 
  • You are away from your home, from your work or whatever will disturb you form concentration, and you will be fully focused on the subjects.

The second possibility we call the Distance Learning Program.

which is a fully based Online-Training Program or you call it Web-Based-Training (WTB)
That means the entire training content is a available on the Web.

Also for this we have different programs for PPL, CPL, ATPL and IR.

What is the advantage for the distance learning programs?

  • your are competently independent of location
  • you can do the study form any place of the world
  • is will be cheaper than the residential training

but you should also consider that there is required

  • high self discipline
  • self structured learning
  • and it will take quite a bit longer to be ready for the exams 

but in the end, you will have the same test, and the same qualification!

More details...

Our Partner for the WTB

We work together with one of the best provider for Online Training for all licences and Ratings how is based in the UK.

Residential Training Jerez

All the residential training will be done in our Flight Academy in Jerez.

We have prepared for your modern classrooms and study rooms right at the Airport.

What to bring along

You should have your own laptop or tablet computer to have a access to the online and off-line study material

Accomodation for our Students

We offer all students the opportunity to stay in our own apartments in Jerez. These are modern apartments with 3 individual rooms plus living room, kitchen (full equipped) and bathroom as shared facilities.
WIFI is provided.
If you prefer to stay in a hotel, we have also arrangements for very good prices, or if you like to have your own apartment we will help you to find one.


There is public transport form Jerez to the Airport.

But the best will be to have a rental car...
just see the details in the part of "Accommodation and rental car"

EASA flight training Academy

ATPL residential course  - you can join in! -  every 2 week new block...

We are certified by:


We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country