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Revalidation and Reneals

of Ratings and Licence


Renewals and Revalidation of Rating and Licenses

Licences - live time valid

According the EASA regulations, Licence now are valid for live-time, 

there is no renewal!


Ratings need to be renewed.

depending on the different types of Ratings, the renewal times are different.

Please see the difference in between 

  • Re-validation 
  • Renewal 

Re-validation stays for:

to renew of  your Rating before it will expire.

That means you have to take action before the rating expires and you have to comply with the relevant re-validation requirements for the different ratings, or you have to do your LPC before it expires.

Renewal stays for:

to renew of an expired Rating.

for the different Ratings there are different renewal requirements depending the type of Rating and how long a Rating has expired - please have a look at the details for Renewal...


We can do Revalidations and Renewals for all Pilots form all States of the EASA 

Our ATO is aproved to...

to do all Revalidation and Renewals for all Ratings

SEP, ME, ME-IR, IR, FI ....

Our Examiner are approved...

to conduct Licence Proficiency check flights and Skill test for all EASA states in Europe

Renewal of Medical...

You can do the renewal of your Class 1 and Class 2 Medical with us in Jerez.

Class 1 need to be booked in advance!

Renewal of Language Prov.

We offer also in Jerez to do your renewal of your LPC for level 4, 5 and 6 have to be booked in advance

EASA flight training Academy





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para todas las  consultas

Correo a: Fly-in-spain

Teléfono: 0034- 956 18 57 12

Qué pasa: 0034-69 03 03 061


Estamos certificados por:

CAA Malta

Estamos certificados por EASA directamente y puede realizar todo su entrenamiento de vuelo con nosotros, desde todos los países de EASA.



puede realizar todas las pruebas de habilidad y LPC con nosotros, como titular de cualquier licencia/habilitación de todos los países de EASA