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Flight Instructor Rating



Flight Instructor FI (A)

This is a full residential course of 4 week on an intensive base.

The course will be done by a very experience flight instructor with more than 8000 h of training, based on the EASA, ex-UK‐CAA syllabus, what will the best you can get.

The entire training is a 1 to 1 training in small groups of 2 or 4 people only, to guarantee highest training level!

Pre entry requirements

  • CPL theory passed, and 200 h of PIC
  • Or you are holding a CPL licence


  • 120 theory
  •  30 flight training

on the end there is a Skill test: Flight Instructor

we have the examiner with us in Jerez.

Start to work as a Flight Instructor

You will start as a "Restricted Flight Instructor"

You need to pass an practical period and you have to do

  • 100 hours of instructon
  • 25 solo sign 

than you can apply to the authority to remove the FI- Restriction.

Having this removed, you can work as a full flight instructor.


Become a member of our TEAM

We are looking for Flight Instructors - of all levels!

If you like to start the Training with us to become a Flight-Instructor, we will offer you the possibility to start working with us directly after you finish the training.

Work for Fly-in-Spain

A perfect envirement - international Clients and Flight-Instructors from all over the world - will be you colleges.

Payments level above any average!

and flying hours guaranteed all over the year - we fly 350 days a year - Jerez- Spain has the most stable and best weather all over Europe!

It is up to you - how much you like to fly - but our instructors get up to 80-100 h a month.

Working in a perfect ambient

Jerez - Spain, and the Atlantic coast - one of the most beautiful places in Europe, with the most stable weather, great people - you will enjoy it!

Living cost are still moderate - so you can practice an nice lifestyle and enjoy the live after work.

Have a look to the link: where we are..

Just contact us - 

we will give you an offer for the training, or for a Job as a Flight-Instructor with us.

Removal of the IR restriciton

When you are holding an unrestricted FI Rating you can start to remove the IR-Restriction, what will entitle you to instruct IR to the Students.


  • 200 hours of IR flying experice, 50h of this can be on a simulator
FFS - will also be accepted towards the 150 flying hours.

Upgrade Training

  • 10 h theory training
  • 5 h Flight or Simulator training in our ATO

on the end there will be and Skill test with and Examiner

CRI - Class Rating Instructor

There are several Class Rating under EASA 

We will consider the ME- Class Rating for FI

Requirements for ME-CRI

  • FI licence (unrestricted)
  • 30 PIC on a Multi Engine Aircarft

Required Training

  • 10 h of theory
  • 5 hour flight training on a ME- Aircraft

on the end there will be a skill test.

There are also CRI and IRI ratings, what we can offer you.

This are full training course, they are applicable if you don't have an FI (A) - Flight Instructor Rating 

If you are interested in these, just send us a mail.

Flying is beautifull
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Teléfono: 0034- 956 18 57 12

Qué pasa: 0034-69 03 03 061


Estamos certificados por:

CAA Malta

Estamos certificados por EASA directamente y puede realizar todo su entrenamiento de vuelo con nosotros, desde todos los países de EASA.



puede realizar todas las pruebas de habilidad y LPC con nosotros, como titular de cualquier licencia/habilitación de todos los países de EASA