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Acrobatic Rating

at the moment not activ


Acrobatic Rating - at the moment not availiable

The Acrobatic Rating is the most challenging Rating you can get on a Single Engine Piston Aircraft.

Apart form the fun, you will learn a lot of skills what will take you to a much higher level of experience.

Aerobatics Theoretical Course

The Theory training will cover two major subjects:

Human factors & Medical considerations

Performing this activity requires some adaptation to get used to and to overcome:

  •  Physiological effets of G loads (Positive / Negative) & high angular speeds; Greyout/Blackout.   
  • Spatial disorientation. 
  • Airsickness: Nausea, Dizziness   

Theory: technical subjects and manoeuvers

  • Flight Envelope (A Category)
  • Tailweel  characteristics 
  • Normal procedures (See addendum)
  • Specific Emergency Procedures ( A Category)
  • Pre Manoeuvring  in flight safety checks
  • Spins & Spirals
  • Basic Aerobatic Manoeuvres description:
  • Barrel Roll 
  • Immelman Fiesler  (vertical Reversement) 
  • Spin
  •  Inverted Flight 
  • Inverted Turns 
  • Half Cuban Eight 
  •  45 Deg Reversal.

The key to a good progression is dependent on:    

Training and physical  fitness, rested mind and body,  motivation,  adapted workload.

Flight Training Program

Basic Manoeuvers
Advanced M.

PART 1 : Prerequisites: -      

  • FLIGHT ATTITUDES familiarization with the aircraft; differences between basic trainers with fixed pitch propellers and wing dihedral/incidence side by side accommodation Vs Advanced trainers , symmetrical wings, variable pitch propellers and tandem seating.       
  •  SLIPPING          
  •  SKIDDING     
  • STALLS -        
  •  SPIRALS      
  •  SPINS         
  •  INVERTED FLIGHT ( Straight & Level + Turns)

 PART 2 Manoeuvers:    -      

  • LOOPING           
  •  BARREL ROLL        
  •  IMMELMANN (Half Loop + Half Roll) -         
  •  FIESELER (Vertical Reversement or Hammerhead) -         
  •  45 Deg REVERSEMENT -         
  •  HALF CUBAN EIGHT ( 3/8 Loop + ½ Roll) 

The Aerobatic Flight Training is a very demanding training.

One training flight lesson will last about 15-20 minutes.


Advanced Training - at the moment not availiable

If you are already Acrobat-Rated, and you like to get further and advanced training on the EXTRA 200 with our Instructor, that will be the perfect possibility - we fly and train all over the year - southern Spain makes it possible!

Details and Requirements

For the Acrobatic -Ratings:

Pre entry requirements

  • Valid PPL or CPL licence 
  • At least 40 hours of flight time as pilot in command in the appropriate aircraft category Single Engine Piston (SEP).
  • Tail wheel endorsement is recomendable 


According the requirements of your licence

Theory Training

 Theoretical knowledge syllabus
Theoretical knowledge instruction comprises the subjects - Human factors and body limitations - Technical training - Aircraft limitations - Aerobatic manoeuvres and recovery - Emergency procedures

Theoretical Course
The theoretical knowledge course for the acrobatic rating comprises 8 hours of classroom instruction and will usually be completed within one day. Other arrangements are permitted depending on student availability.

Flight Training

Training will last for at least 5 hours,
but may be increased depending on student performance. Additional exercises may be performed and trained as agreed by the instructor and the student pilot, provided the student pilot has successfully completed all exercises

A final progress check is conducted containing the agreed flying program. The student is required to perform and demonstrating the aerobatic program according the straining syllabus.

Course Duration:

The requirement of 5 hrs is a minimum. 

You will normally have 2- (3) flights per day, a flight will be about 15-20 minutes. 

The minimum required training according Part-FCL for the endorsement will be 5 hrs flight training. 

You will have at least 15 flights. 
The entire training will be minimum 1 week.

Extra 200
Extra 200
Arcobatic Training Jerez
Arcobatic Training Jerez
Extra 200
Arcobatic Training Jerez
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