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Time Building

Aircraft Rental, Touring...


Time Building Packages

We offer our Clients and Students several Time-Building-Packages.

for example

Students have to have to start the 

  • IR training - 50 h of Solo Cross County time
  • ME - Students need 70 h of PIC time
  • CPL Students need 100 h of Pilot in Command time

to start their training

Jerez provides the perfect situation to build up flying hours

  • best weather in Europe all over the year
  • low air traffic in southern Spain
  • easy navigation

We can provide a large fleet of Aircraft's for your flying hours

  • Cessna 150
  • Cessna 172
  • PS 28 Cruiser

for very reasonable prices within different packages

We can provide you with a Safety Pilot if you like.

And we will give you when flying with us in Jerez:

  • a extended Briefing for the Airport and Area
  • Briefing for the routes you like to fly
  • and familiarization with the Aircraft you like to fly.

Just send us a Mail for more details ...


Packages of 25 h

Aircaft Rate
C 150 3375.-€
C 172 4000.-€
PA 28-180 4125.-€

Packages 50 hours

Aircaft Rate
C 150 6500.-€
C 172 7750.-€
PA 28-180 8000.-€

The packages will include / not include

The packages will include
for flights in Spain:

  • Fuel 
  • Oil 
  • All taxes
  • Initial Briefing an route briefing
  • Approach charts

not  included

  • Landing Fees
  • Air fees
  • Parking of aircraft's on route (out of Jerez)
  • Checkout flights with Instructor or any necessary training 
  • Charts
Rental Cars

We offer our Clients for the Time-Building Packages

to stay in one of our apartments (shared facilities) 

for 150.-€ /person / week + 25.-€ final cleaning.

Or you choose one of the hotels in Jerez --->  Details Accommodation

If you are based in Jerez, a rental car is quite recommendable.

there are several online provider with very reasonable prices.

Public transport is also available between Jerez Town and the Airport.

see Details

Rental and Touring...

If you like to rent an Aircaft form us, to do some touring in Spain, Portugal and Morokko, you are welcome.
Just send us an e-mail about your intentions and plans and we will make you an offer.

Trips with a Safety Pilot
Individual Tours

If you like to fly with an experienced Safety Pilot, no problem we can offer this to you.
Or if you don't hold a EASA licence, you can do a flight with one of our Instructors, before you convert you license to an EASA...

Just tell us what you like to do, we will support you with all the necessary details and our experience of the area. We are familiar with Spain, Portugal and Morocco... so everything can be possible!

EASA flight training Academy





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para todas las  consultas

Correo a: Fly-in-spain

Teléfono: 0034- 956 18 57 12

Qué pasa: 0034-69 03 03 061


Estamos certificados por:

CAA Malta

Estamos certificados por EASA directamente y puede realizar todo su entrenamiento de vuelo con nosotros, desde todos los países de EASA.



puede realizar todas las pruebas de habilidad y LPC con nosotros, como titular de cualquier licencia/habilitación de todos los países de EASA