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Flight Training Academy - Jerez


FIS – Flight Training-Academy–Jerez

Why train with us… 

  • Jerez provides us with the most optimal flying weather in all of Europe. 
  • This gives us the possibility to train all though the year and guarantee accelerated flight training.  

  • All training is done in English, the aviation language. 

  • All training will be done under an ATO (Approved Training Organization)  from the United Kingdom-UK and from Austria which are associated with the Flight-Training-Academy-Jerez.


  • German General Management 
  • UK  and Austrian Flight Training Management

This provides 

  • high quality
  • high efficiency
  • best reliability
  • highest continuity

your best guarantee to be trained to a successful career in the Aviation Industry! 


Our staff is highly qualified and all of them are ME‐IR‐CPL (ATPL) Pilots and instructors with a lot of experience up to 10,000hrs. 

All are full time contract Instructors from different backgrounds:
Airline operation, Airline training pilots, Examiner staff, Commercial pilots in different areas. 

All Instructors are familiar and trained to the highest standards of EASA and the most of them trained with the UK‐CAA. 

All fluently English speakers and the most are British. Our administration staff takes care of all the licensing procedures and of course all your training needs.

Professional Training 

More than 200 pilots train and are examined with us every year with us.
You will do your training on small airfield as well on International Airport. Your proficiency will allow you to tackle any airport in the world.

All flight tests (skill tests) will be done with our Examiners in Jerez at the end of your training.

Our Students are now flying as First Officers and Captains
with: Ryanair, Swift Air, Swiss, TUI, Wiz Air,
Austria Airline, Easy Jet, Condor, and much more...

Our Philosophy

We will provide personal, compact, goal orientated and professional training for all levels.
All our training starts individually (apart from Semi-Integrated ATPL courses).
All our training is organised to your individual needs.
Special bespoke- and VIP-Programs can be arranged.  
We intend to keep you with one flight instructor throughout your course to provide continuity within your training schedule.   

Time frame of your training 
You can do the entire course in one go, which is the most efficient way to get to your training completed.
We also offer training split in several parts and visits, according to your personal circumstances – just speak with us – we will find a solution for you.

Just contact us, and we will provide you with all necessary information and we will offer you the best way to get to your aim! 

Our Partners - our Training Providor - ATO

Winglider ATO-GBR-0216

Punitz Flugbetrieb GmBH, ATO-A109


Our ATO aprovels and the Training we are providing

We are certified to provide training in Jerez (Spain)  for:

  • PPL
  • IMC
  • ATPL-CPL-IR-PPL Online Theory Training
  • CPL
  • MEP
  • IR
  • ME-IR
  • HPA
  • FI
  • Type rating up to Citation AC

as well as all validations and renewals for all the ratings listed above 


All ATO (flight training organisation) in europe working today according the EASA - Part FCL regulation

We are aproved by the 

  • CAA
  • Austo Control
EASA flight training Academy





póngase en contacto con la oficina principal

para todas las  consultas

Correo a: Fly-in-spain

Teléfono: 0034- 956 18 57 12

Qué pasa: 0034-69 03 03 061


Estamos certificados por:

CAA Malta

Estamos certificados por EASA directamente y puede realizar todo su entrenamiento de vuelo con nosotros, desde todos los países de EASA.



puede realizar todas las pruebas de habilidad y LPC con nosotros, como titular de cualquier licencia/habilitación de todos los países de EASA