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Conversion Training

for all ICAO licenses


CPL - Converson

All CPL licenses can be converted to an EASA -CPL.

There are several requirements you have to fulfill to do so.

The Conversion training consist of two parts:

  • Theoretical training
  • flight training

Theory training
You have to do the CPL-EASA-Theory training and you have to pass the 13 written exams. 

The study of the theory you can do with our residential training course or with our distance learning course on the CPL level

there will be no ground school required - because you are holding a CPL.

IF you like to convert the CPL license with the IR-Rating

we suggest to do the ATPL theory course, because this includes CPL and IR theory and it is only 1 exam more the the CPL only, and will give you the "frozen ATPL" credit.

If you do the ATPL theory, you will also be required to do also the ground school for the ATPL.

Flight Training for the EASA- CPL
The EASA is calling the CPL conversion, not like a conversion, they offer a reduced training to get the CPL-EASA license.

The required numbers of flight training for CPL is depending on:

  • your total flight experience
  • the guidence material of the EASA authoroty
  • and the assessment of the Traning School (ATO)

at the end there will be EASA- CPL skill test.

Even if you bring along sufficient experience, so that you will not mandatory requires a certain number flight training hours, we have to prepare you for the skill you my need 1..2 or more training hours of preparation...

all will be done in our school in Jerez.

We have in-house flight examiners for the  flight test.


Details and Requirements

Your CPL-ICAO licence

  • has to be valid 
  • You have to have a current rating (like a SEP or a MEP)

There is no minimum flight experience required but...

The CPL flight training in with EASA consist of 25 h of training.

if you have less than 185 hrs  - you have to do the full training.

  • 185 hrs + you will get 5 hrs credit 
  • 250 hrs + you will get 10 hrs credit 
  • 500 hrs + you will get 15 hrs credit 
  • 1000 hrs + you will get 18 hrs credit 

If you are holding an IR rating, this will be also credited to your training hours...

this are the given credits by the CAA-UK.

Medical Class 1

To get an EASA-CPL (A) license you need to have a Class 1 Medical.

You can do the medical with us, or beforehand in the UK.

Don´t do a medical in an other country in Europe.

RT license

To fly in Europe you need to have a Radio Telephony (RT) licence.

If you don't have a EASA-RT lisence you can do it with us.

Language proficiency check (LPC)

All EASA  - Pilots have to have at least a Level 4 of the ICAO language grading.

You can do the LPC with us. If you do it in any other school - check weather this school is interntionally approved by the CAA-Uk

Licence Issue

Your EASA  - PPL will be issued by the CAA-UK

that means, the CAA-UK will administrate your licence as the responsible authority in Europe 

EASA flight training Academy

We are certified by:


We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country