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                         CPL- ME- IR with frozen ATPL

ATPL Training
  • 9 Month intensive residential training form Zero to CPL- ME- IR
    with frozen ATPL

  • ATPL - Theory , just join in - on-going Training - all over the year
    all 14 subjects!

NEW´s: We have opened a SponsorShip-Program for Flight-Instructor Training

to become a Instructor wiht Fly in Spain - Become a member of the TEAM....  -> see the details



Training with Fly-in-Spain



Instrument training now on Aircraft with
Glass - Cockpit, see the new C 172..---->


WANTED - Job Opportunities ...

We are looking actually for:

  • FI for  PPL, CPL, ME, IR

      Experienced FI preferred! 

  • Mechanic - Aircraft -
    B2 or with good experiences in Fixed Wing up to 2000kg SE+ME

next Flight Instructor course in 2018

We will have several FI-Courses in 2018

please enquire via e-mail for the next starting date

highest level - UK teacher with more than 8000 h of training experience!

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PBN - new required training for all IR pilots !!!

PNB - Performance-Based-Navigation

Fly-in-Spain-Jerez with our 
ATO (Punitz) is certified for PNB  - IR training

 The new PBN regulations will require the following:
• From 25 August 2018 pilots may only fly in accordance with PBN routes and procedures after they have been granted PBN privileges as an endorsement to their Instrument Rating;
• All pilots will need to have PBN privileges within their Instrument Rating (IR) or Enroute Instrument Rating (EIR) after 25 August 2020. 

Brexit - of the UK, do not influence EASA...!

After the Brexit decision of the UK 

everything remains as it was, according the EASA Pilot Licencing.

The UK, the EU and the EASA are preparing at the moment agreements, so that the UK can/will remain as a member State in the EASA, in the same way as Switzerland and Norway as non EU members.

When this agreements are signed, there will be no change for all the Pilots holding an EASA (European) licence issued by the UK.

More details you can son on the EASA web site: see the link--->

So everything continue as usual...!

Residential ATPL course

Form now on we will have on-going ATPL residential theory training (classes) ....

You can join in!
Just tell us when you like to start.
ATPL residential

Written Exams for ATPL-CPL-IR in Jerez

now you can do all written exams with us in Jerez!

All ground school we also provide in Jerez

EASA new´s: IR-CB, reduced theory and flight training

Competence Based IR (IR-CB) is now available for all PPL and CPL pilots.

Reduced requirements making IR now very attractive for all pilots...!

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EASA flight training Academy

We are certified by:


and with

  • LBA- Germany
  • Batzl- Switzerland
  • Spain


and with the CAA of: 

France, Belguim, Portugal, Noway, Finland, Sweden, Italien... and more...

to conduct Skill Test  and LPC